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At any time in the editing process, you can select the Preview option to see what your product design looks like before approving your design.

Edit Your Design

.Zoom Level and Viewport

On some larger sized products, you may need to get an enlarged view of small text or other areas of the product to view details. To do this, use the Zoom Slider controls located above your product viewport on the right hand side. If you make the product larger than the viewport, a mini navigation window will appear under the Zoom Slider with a red box outline representing the current area you are viewing. If you wish to see a different portion of your product, click inside the red box in the navigation window and drag the box around to where you want the view to be.

.Containers and Content

All content on a product design -- whether it is text, image, or graphic content -- is enclosed in a container that is clearly indicated on the editing canvas.

Both the content and its container may be editable. For example, on some designs you may scale both the size of an image as well as the size of its container. In other cases, only the content itself or the container may be editable.

Layer up/down:

The Layer Up and Layer Down buttons can be used to adjust the overlapping position of your design elements. If you wish for some text to be over an image for example, you would select that text container and hit the Layer Up button until you see the text go over the image, or you can select the image and push the Layer Down button until it appears under the text. Note that each click only moves the layer up or down one level, and each text or image area on the product has a level, so it may take multiple clicks to get it in the position you want.

Multiple Container Selection: Multiple containers may be selected by holding down the Shift key and clicking on additional containers. Having multiple containers selected allows you to move them as a group, or use the alignment tools to position them in relation to each other.


Edits to Text Containers: Text containers may be moved, resized, rotated, added, or deleted-depending upon the product design.

Edits to Text Content: Select an individual text container and click on the "edit" button to enter text edit mode. This allows you to enter your own custom content and choose the font, size, style, color, and alignment that best fit your design. Some licensed product designs may restrict the customization of font, size, style, and color.


Using Your Own Images: Some products allow you to upload your own images or artwork, and add them to your design to give your product a personal touch.

Uploading Images: Images may be uploaded directly into an empty image container by using the add button on the empty container. Images may also be uploaded by clicking on the add image button on the left panel, photos tab. They can also be uploaded in the My Images area of your account. One or more images may be uploaded at the same time from:

  • Your computer or device: You may upload and add images stored on your local hard drive.
  • Websites: You may upload and add images stored in your Facebook or Picasa accounts.

Edits to Image Containers: Image containers may be moved, resized, rotated, added, or deleted- depending upon the product design.